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[DN Hack] Hack's DragonNest Trainer Working As Of 8/15/2012

DragonNest NA only!Boss Rush In Desolate Isle and Desolation Point has been patched

Here is the Complete Trainer with Danger Dash,and X and Y movement.

(You may possibly need the latest cheatengine installed... Not sure)
1. Open Trainer (Run as Admin)
2. Open DragonNest Launcher
3. Click Play
4. Log In
5. Choose Your World
6. Choose Your Character
7. Choose What Channel you Would Like To Be In
8. Once in game activate hacks as you please

Hack (me)

Some Help from:

Virus Scans:

Hack's Dragon Nest Trainer 8.15.2012 64bit.rar
Hack's Dragon Nest Trainer 8.15.2012 32bit.rar

Dragon Nest Tools by eCollidex

Brought to you by eCollidex!
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Courtesy donations are widely accepted!
Please contact me first though :3

We have no VIP system or paid tools. We are releasing it all for free.
Do not buy tools from any other users.

Thank you for using eCollidex Gaming Library!

This tool is a Multi-tool for other games as well and not just Dragon Nest, in the near future we will add more hacks in the tools

Status: (Updated on 12/29/2012)

SEA = Working
NA = Working

Download Links: (DN Tool version 1.0) (eCollidex tool Version 1.5)


How to make it work?
For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Download file
Open eCollidex.exe or Right click and Run as Administrator
Click 'Online Games' Select a game
Click 'Select Path' Select your game directory and the required .exe 
Wait for the file to gamestart 
Press 'Game Start'
Open your game and login normally

Skills no Cooldown

Best Regards,

Special Thanks to the Beta Testers Team

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Dragon Nest Hack V.1

This Blog is use to Share Hacks for Dragon Nest & others..
Here is the hack for Dragon Nest..
1.You must be Level 1 [there's a posibility to get banned so use dummy]
2. Log in your Account
3. Go to not crowded place to reduce lag
4. Open the tool [Just find the Fucking link here in the blog, use your eye's and brain]
5.Put your Character name then click confirm button
6. Put gold you want [Reminder: The max gold you can get is 1200000000
7.Click Generate
8. TADAAAA ! You have your golds Enjoy

Download Links: [Just skip the ads it's for my earning, i help help me too ]